7 Reminders for Being a Better Person

7 Reminders for Being a Better Person

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In this fast-paced world of social media, 24-hour news cycles, and streaming media, we’re constantly bombarded with information—relevant and often irrelevant—that pulls us in a million different directions. Add on top of all the deadlines, and mounting expectations and pressures from everyone around us, it can be easy to lose ourselves in the blur.

It’s up to us to cut through all the noise and make sure we hold tight to the things that set us up for success. Here are seven reminders to help anyone be a better person today.

1. Let go of stress and anger

From a demanding boss or investor, to a nagging spouse, to the never-ending stream of political commentary, there’s a growing list of stressors that cause people to harbor some level of anger throughout the day. While anger can be a natural response to people or situations that don’t go the way you want, holding onto your anger over long periods of time can be detrimental to your performance, your interaction with others, and to your health.

Learn to let go of your anger and of what you can’t control. Be mindful of the things that upset you, then reduce your exposure to them. For instance, spend less time watching TV and on social media if politics constantly has you fuming.

You can’t flip a switch on a person, so if someone you care about is the stressor, try to find the reason and address it. If the person is someone you work with—say a co-worker or a boss—just remember that you can go home and detach from it. Calming relaxation techniques like meditation, controlled breathing, and periods where you’re quiet and disconnected from devices can help.

2. Go deep, go light

Your time and a spotlight are valuable. As such, aim to spend that time in a significant manner that makes you suppose and expands your horizons. Whether it’s traveling, visiting with loved ones, consuming media-books, films, podcasts, etc.-seek out experiences and information that benefit you.

That mentioned, it’s important preserve it light sometimes, too. You don’t wish to let random, meaningless info overtake you, but it’s OK to spend time unwinding with a TV present or checking in over social media. Strike a balance. Mix it up.

3. Listen more

Business owners typically like to talk. And they need to; they’ve a product/service that they’re passionate about they usually need to world to know. However fixed broadcasting doesn’t construct relationships-whether or not personal or professional. Entrepreneurs should bear in mind to listen more.

Listen to everyone; your prospects, employees, rivals, associates, household, and new acquaintances. And don’t simply hear passively-actively ask folks what they think. Searching for enter from others makes them really feel valued and may give you data you never knew you needed.

4. Practice empathy

Realizing that listening to others makes them feel valued is an example of empathy-the understanding of how others assume and feel. In spite of everything, not everybody and all the things on this planet revolves round you and your needs.

Within the workplace, a pacesetter who lacks empathy will appear out of contact to their employees. To clients and purchasers, empathy helps talk that you just care and that their business is valued. In personal relationships, practising empathy helps tighten bonds with individuals who matter most to you-which fits a protracted option to protecting you content and motivated professionally.

5. Apologize when needed

Entrepreneurs aren’t superhuman. Just like everybody else, they have faults and weaknesses, and make mistakes. But sometimes once you’re the individual in cost, and it’s your imaginative and prescient on the road, admitting once you’re fallacious isn’t easy.

Apologizing is humbling and takes courage. To ship an authentic apology, start by looking the opposite individual(s) within the eye, say why you’re sorry, and clarify the “because” behind your remorse. You could be shocked how grateful folks will probably be after.

6. Be genuine

This goes for more than simply apologies. Being genuine in enterprise can be what sets you aside from the competition. Being real as an individual means acting the identical on the surface, towards others, as you perceive your self on the inside.

No one desires to do enterprise or be in a relationship with someone who’s phony and untrustworthy. Don’t be the person you wouldn’t need to be around or companion with.

7. Give back

Whether or not its lending a hand on a tough challenge on the workplace, making a monetary donation, or volunteering your time and abilities to a charitable group, giving to others feels good and spreads positivity where its typically wanted most.

As Gandhi once said, “One of the best ways to seek out your self is to lose yourself within the service of others.”